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Next time you get into a fender bender, and you’re sitting in the lobby of the body shop… I want you to think about something: Who is the REAL customer of the body shop?

Do you think it’s you? How about your insurance company?

Does it even matter? (Here’s the answer:) YES!

Your insurance company needs to be profitable to survive for tomorrow. It does this by charging you a premium (duh), but also from how it proceeds in business with the body shop performing your repairs. The body shop has the responsibility of fixing your vehicle to pre-loss condition. It has a certain level of choice in how it makes the repairs.

For example, will it use OEM (manufacturer) parts or aftermarket parts? Will it replace parts – or spend money and time repairing them?

Would you rather have a brand new OEM part put on your car – or a part that was damaged and then repaired as best as can be? Well, there are trade offs with both. Cost vs. Quality. Either way, that decision should be made by the repairer. The best person to decide should be the person most close to your vehicle – and technically trained on the structure integrity of the vehicle and process of the overall repair.

There are some auto repair body shops that get most of their work from an agreement they have with certain insurance companies. The insurance company will send them business and then expect to have influence in the repair process, time frame, and the cost. For these body shops, the INSURANCE COMPANY is the customer.

You are ONE of MANY that come through the doors of that body shop – referred by the insurance company.

That shop is NOT All Magic Paint and Body. We pride ourselves in aligning with you and what’s the best quality repair for your vehicle – and for your family. We go to BATTLE with the insurance companies EVERY DAY! We fight for the FREEDOM to repair your vehicle by OUR standards. Not the Insurance Company’s!

If you decide to come to any of our body shops, it will only take a minute for you to realize that we see you as our LIFE LINE. You mean everything to us! Therefore, we will go over and above when it comes to performing your auto body repairs to the highest standards possible.

WE want you to join our family!